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 Fequency Asked Questions

 What is Tweaning?

Tweaning provides a new way to communicate that was just not possible before. Anyone you met at a particular place you can now attempt to get in contact with. This could be anyone from an old friend you met but didn't get any contact information to someone you met in a bar. Tweaning makes it simple to make a request to speak to them again, it may be impossible to get in contact with them by other means.

 How does it work?

The system works by one person requesting to communicate with the other. This person sends out the Twean message, this message contains the date and place of meeting along with a short message. The other person must also be wanting contact, and finds your Twean message by searching for a place and date. If this person wants contact they can reply to your Twean by sending a message back with contains a proof (a short message to confirm that you are who you say you are). The original Twean sender can either accept and reject you. If they reject they're Twean remains for others to find and they are not interested in contact, probably because they don't believe you are the person they were looking for. If they accept then the Twean get removed from public and the two people can communicate by using our internal messaging system which sends an email to the other person through our site. Email addresses and any other forms of personal information can be exchanged freely.

 How will people find my Twean message?

We provide quite an advanced method of searching on this site. We think if you put in the correct information then we are certain that if the other person is looking for you they will find you on our system. Some situations may occur where it can be more difficult, such as particularly large events involving thousands of people in one place.

 Will my Twean message be answered?

This depends on whether the other person involved is willing to make contact. Since you've attempted to make contact there's all the chance the other people will want to as well. Of course, we get a large number of Tweans unanswered, as it's not possible to directly contact the person you're looking for.

 Do you remove Twean messages?

There are four possible reasons of a Twean message getting removed from our system;

  • The Twean message has expired (normally after 90 days)
  • The Twean message was replied to and the sender accepted the reply
  • The Twean Sender removed the message themselves
  • The Twean message contains inappropriate or offensive content

 How do I find out who replied to my Twean?

Within your user area you can monitor all you current Twean messages. Here you can delete, edit and add new messages. You will also be sent an email indicating that someone has replied to your Twean.

 What uses does Tweaning have?

The number of possible situations where Tweaning can be useful are endless. This new form of communicating means you don't have to know any specific information about that person. Think how many situations where you thought "I wished I said that" at the time, now you can request a communication with that person. Whether they will want to communicate is another thing but this service provides a new method.

 Can I prearrange to Twean someone?

Of course, this is perhaps the most likely chance you'll get a response! Since Tweaning is so convenient it is possible to tell the person you'll Twean them in advance. There are many reasons to do this, like if one person doesn't have an email address to give, maybe you were in a rush, or even if you want to talk to each other anonymously.

 How much does this cost to use?

Nothing. The service is completely free to use.

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